Monday, August 23, 2010

Working in Antarctica

I am convinced that offices waste enough electricity via overpowerful air conditioning to power the entire continent of Africa.

My office is currently a freezer. It is 18 degrees Celcius outside. Most homes have a device that shuts off the central air once it reaches a comfortable temperature both indoors and out. Apparently office buildings are not up on this modern piece of technology called a thermostat. As frion is jettisoned out into the ozone, we inside are turned into penguins - we cannot bend our arms to type, we cannot bend our legs to walk, and the only way to escape is to sit outside. However, we aren't all equipped with BlackBerrys, iPads, or even laptops to allow us the comfort of defrosting ourselves in the tepid sunlight.

My fingers are turning blue as I type this, and the only reason I'm typing this now during work hours is so that my fingers don't develop severe frostbite burns and become immobile.

How insane is it to have to have a sweater in your office in August in the Northern Hemisphere? I'm not talking a light knit; I'm talking Fisherman's Cable Knit here.

Apparently, heat rises, so the people above don't have this freezing problem, according to the maintenance staff. That's a lie - I see people upstairs at their desks with giant goosebumps on their forearms.

The hydro company has this free programme where they install a thermostat in your house and control the temperature during peak times. Maybe someone should tell my office about it - of course, this could be the work of the hydro company trying to get more cash out of our business.

When it gets frigid, the conspiracy theories increase. Don't believe me? Find yourself in a cave in the Arctic with people you don't know, and watch what happens. Something to do with brain freeze, and not the good kind involving ice cream...

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