Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why does the kitchen hate me?

So I made some cookies this morning. Breakfast cookies. In the recipe picture they look gorgeous, perfectly round, a little lumpy. I know they have food stylists for these things, but I found the picture on a blog with a recipe underneath. I also realise that people copy and paste photos that look better than the actual product.

Still, this doesn't lessen any of my culinary inferiority complex.

My cookies came out like big bumpy things (see above). Somewhere between a cookie and a muffin. "Cuffins" or "Mookies" or "Muffkies"...well maybe not that one. Point is, whenever I bake a banana cookie it comes out like a big hump and not a soft, round, perfectly marketable cookie.

I've been watching Masterchef USA lately too. I thought I was a pretty good cook until I saw these people. I have never been able to cut an onion to save my life. Even my late husband showed me the chef technique for onion chopping. I still can't do it. It would take me a warehouse of onions to practice and I still wouldn't get it right.

My food isn't inedible. I'm actually pretty proud of what I can accomplish in the kitchen. But when it doesn't plate up in food styling perfect form, I get dejected.

In any case, my kitchen does smell awesome from the banana peanut butter cuffins. I just have to get people to eat them now. If they ever wake up...

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